Gun Shop Simulator

Gun Shop Simulator

Open and manage your own gun shop. Start small and expand/upgrade your business! Oh and also, crime rates have been going up lately, so be careful out there!



Open Your Own Gun Shop

Your dream is finally coming true, you saved up enough cash to buy a vacant building and are finally ready to open up your very own gun shop!
Start selling weapons quickly and spend your money on new furniture to attract more customers! But be careful, don't spend too much money at the start, you still need to have some left to buy some stock!

Serving customers is key to success for your gun shop. They all want their orders to be processed as quickly as possible. This means you are going to need some proper time management and choose the right priorities. On top of this, also make sure to set your prices right, as some customers will be very picky on the pricing of your products!

A big part of having your own gun shop is managing your stock. Make sure to always have some products laying around to sell, whilst also trying not to have too much stock laying around. You never know what might happen, maybe a fire starts to spread, a tsunami hits, or something else!

With the rising crime rates lately, it is strongly advised to carry a firearm yourself. You can test them out yourself at the shooting range. And who knows, you might need them later...

Make managing your store even more fun with the possibility to play together with your friends! Gun Shop Simulator allows up to 4 players to join together on the journey to success!

Are you tired of having to serve customers yourself all day? And is business going good lately? Then it might be in your best interest of hiring an employee to sit at the cashier, or a janitor to keep your store clean!

Once you've built up enough reserve you can go ahead and open the shooting range! This is a separately located area where customers can come and rent weapons and take them to the range to have some fun! Better yet, you can also use this area yourself to have some PvP shooting battles with your friends!



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