Monster Tiles TD: Tower Wars

Monster Tiles TD: Tower Wars

Free Tower Defense game with unique roguelike elements. Custom base building mechanics allow you to create your own base and maze with tiles earned after each wave. Unleash a variety of monsters, each with its own evolution path and unique skills, and evolve them into legendary creatures.



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Forget the boring old days of defending a fixed path that the developers created for you πŸ‘Ž. Monster Tiles TD offers a breath of fresh air in the tower defense genre, allowing you to build your own path to defend πŸ’ͺ!

After completing each wave, you gain a new randomly generated tile to place wherever you want (try to be smart and strategic about it, though πŸ˜›). Building your own custom tower defense allows you to play how YOU want, with the characters and strategies that YOU enjoy the most, and on a map that YOU created. This dynamic base-building mechanic creates endless replayability with every single game being different than the last! ✨✨✨


A fleet of medieval space pirates are invading the monsters' base, and it is up to you to stop them! Unlock, upgrade, and evolve your monsters to defend the base from spacefaring knights, mages, pirates, and countless other unique enemies.

  • Build and defend a custom tower defense maze.
  • Roguelike progression and upgrades.
  • Over 35 monster tower types to build, each with unique skills and synergies.
  • Evolve monsters to greater forms for powerful stat and skill bonuses.
  • Multiple RPG and TD classes and specialties.
  • Optimize tower placements to activate powerful synergy effects.
  • Equip monsters with epic gear dropped from bosses.
  • Conquer different maps, difficulties, and game modes.
  • Unlock, upgrade, and evolve your monsters to defend against spacefaring knights, mages, pirates, and more!


Monster Tiles TD features a unique tower defense mechanic where you manually rotate and place a randomly generated tile after each wave to control the enemy path. Each game starts off easy, with only one enemy spawn location and a simple straightforward path. However, as you reach higher waves, the path will branch off into dozens of spawn points, increasing the difficulty and number of locations to defend.

  • Strategically placing tiles to optimize tower placements and enemy spawn locations is key to a successful defense.
  • Influence your defensive positions and enemy pathing by choosing where to place the next tile and expand your base after each wave.
  • Branch out to loot Treasure Islands for huge rewards, while still maintaining a strong, consolidated defense.
  • Each new tile is randomly generated, meaning every single game you play is different!
  • Roguelike and RPG base defender mechanics.


Improve your defense and speed up your gameplay by researching countless upgrades that affect nearly every aspect of the game. Strengthen your monsters, bolster your tower defenses, debuff your enemies, and influence the tiles on the map with several hundred upgrade combinations.

  • Unlock and upgrade countless artifacts, spells, specialties, and technologies.
  • Collect and upgrade dozens of powerful equipment, ranging from common to divine.
  • Upgrade your player level and collect rewards by completing games.
  • Upgrade monsters by collecting gold, energy, credits and PvP Tournament points.


Progress through multiple difficulty modes ranging from easy to impossible. Then, spice the end-game up with the unique endless and score attack modes. Each game mode adds new powerful enemy types and additional challenges. Reach higher waves on each difficulty to unlock new monster towers and upgrades, and compete against others on the leaderboards! The fun never ends in Monster Tiles TD!

  • Reach higher waves and difficulties to unlock new monsters, upgrades, and rewards.
  • Each game mode adds new enemy types and challenges.
  • Unique Endless, Sudden Death, Score Attack, and Swarm game modes.
  • Competitive PvP game modes.
  • Compete against other players for the highest rank on the leaderboards.
  • Customize your personal leaderboards look by completing challenges to unlock custom leaderboard icons, titles, and backgrounds.
  • Complete daily tasks and achievements to bolster your towers.
  • Enjoy free rewards from regular in-game events and gifts.

In Monster Tiles TD: Tower Wars, you're not only defending, but also building a custom maze, evolving monsters, and strategizing for the next level. The dynamic roguelike base-building system makes each wave unique and unpredictable, requiring you to adapt your tactics on the go. Unleash a variety of monsters, each with its own evolution path and unique skills, and evolve them into legendary creatures. Synergize your towers to defeat even the toughest foes.

Build and guard your base, evolve your monster towers, defend against the attacking space pirates, and compete in PvP Tournaments. The fun never ends in Monster Tiles TD!

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