Slaves of Rome

Slaves of Rome

"Slaves of Rome" is a new adult sex game with strong BDSM elements. Play a slave trainer in ancient Rome - buy slaves, teach them the right way to F#$k a Roman!



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About the Game

After almost 2 successful years of development, Slaves of Rome is finally on Steam!

Slaves of Rome is a real-time adult 3D BDSM sex game with "AA" (we hope) graphics where you play a Roman slave owner.

The team wanted to finally make a "real" BDSM game, which we feel doesn't exist. Through the game you'll be playing a Roman slave owner, and yes, this entails what you are thinking about right now. For a while, we've been looking for a real adult game with realistic graphics and good game play with some bdsm elements, but sadly, didn't find much. So.. we decided to make it on our own and we hope we did a good job - we welcome you to join the empire!

In roman times, the masters could do... well.. pretty much anything to anyone under their rule. "Training" the slaves was a part of the daily routine and the Roman's duty! In this situation you really could tell who the person is. Some masters were nice people and tried making life better for their slaves... some... well... not all slaves are that lucky.

Lucky for you though.... you were born a master. A true Roman! The slaves are here for one reason only - to serve you! You can also trade the slaves you have trained, send them to missions to earn you money and build your reputation.

Slaves of Rome is an adult RPG training simulation game with a strong emphasis on BDSM.
You can also be a nice master, form a real bond with your slaves (each, with unique back story and personality) or more of an "average" Roman master have a more dominating personality.

You can play both male and female, as it is important for us to make the game LGBTQ+ friendly and to correctly reflect history.

Each slave is unique and will be shaped in your shadow with a unique story and a unique skill tree built by you after the training sessions.

  • Real time" game-play (it's an actual open world 3rd person game.. not pictures with text)
  • Realistic 3D graphics and adult-scenes made with Unreal Engine
  • Choose to play as male or female
  • Buy slaves and educate them, which means amazing "education" and sex adult scenes
  • Each slave has a unique set of abilities and a skill tree
  • Ability to slave trading
  • Each slave has a unique back story and dialogue
  • Futa (optional) content!
  • Transformation (TFG) (optional) content!
  • VR Support for adult scenes



Language Interface Full Audio Subtitles
Spanish - Spain
Simplified Chinese
Portuguese - Brazil
Spanish - Latin America